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gold-coast-web-designSEO Web Logistics is a professional Gold Coast web design company and digital marketing agency that will help your business, whether it a small local business, or a large corporation stand out from the crowd rather than look like just another cheap template website.


Get a professionally built website at a great price.

Our team of custom website developers have the best industry experience and knowledge to give you a high standard of customer service, quality online website presence that converts into business. We can help clients across Australia benefit from the many advantages of having bold, unique, strong and innovative website. We provide customised content management systems (CMS) to our clients; with unique features that are “responsive” ie: the site is built to be compatible with any hardware device you use to access the internet and view your website. We hard code your site to suit pc’s, tablets, cell/mobile phones.

web-design-gold-coastThere are many reasons why choosing SEO Web Logistics is a smart choice for your business, and little wonder why so many throughout Australia and the world have already done so.As mentioned, we offer a range of web design & development options:

  • Small business websites
  • Corporate web design
  • Medium size business websites
  • Customised E-Commerce sites for Online Wholesale and Retail sales
  • Website upgrades
  • Blogs
  • Logo Designs
  • Graphic Design
  • As well as the experience to build your site so it is search engine friendly and optimised.

At SEO Web Logistics we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver whatever you need in order to make your online presence the most powerful and intelligent one it can possibly be. We have found that the gifts of our technicians and designers are second to none, and strive for customer satisfaction and website design success.

Responsive Web Design

In an age where more people access the internet on mobile devices than on desktop or laptop computers, a website must provide an excellent user experience on every device. This is what responsive web design is all about; the website identifies the device the user is accessing the site from and adjusts the site to display accordingly.

Aside from providing an optimal experience on all devices, what other benefits does responsive web design offer?

  1. Less Maintenance – in the past, webmasters were required to create separate desktop and mobile versions of their website, which made altering and maintaining a website, very time consuming. With a responsive site, you only have to make adjustments to a single site.
  2. Superior SEO Performance – as of March, 2018, all websites are now ranked according to the performance of their mobile Any site not optimised for mobile devices is liable to be penalised and suffer a noticeable decline in rankings and subsequent traffic. A responsive site ensures that your site is ‘mobile friendly’ and your site avoids any potential punishment.
  3. Better User Retention – as stated earlier, responsive sites provide an optimised user experience on all devices. Those whose websites aren’t configured to display correctly on certain devices are likely to lose potential customers through sheer frustration.
  4. Higher Conversion Rates – people who find your website enjoyable to browse, will naturally spend more time on your site, increasing the chances of them doing business with you
  5. Must-Have for E-Commerce Sites – for those looking to do business online through an e-commerce store, a responsive site is essential. A responsive site ensures a compelling shopping experience on every device, enabling users to purchase items with ease.

Bespoke Web Development

Each client has their own distinct set of requirements and goals that must be addressed, so we implement a unique approach for each project, to help deliver a website that markets their business in the best possible light, while ensuring it has the flexibility needed to foster the growth and vitality of their brand. From basic website designs for small businesses, through to large scale, fully bespoke e-commerce platforms that contain an unlimited suite of fully customisable features, our web development team can create an affordable, state-of-the-art website solution for you that propels your brand to the forefront of your industry.

E-Commerce Website Design

The online shopping or ‘e-commerce’ sector in Australia its big business indeed, with sales set to hit $31 billion in 2018, according to this article by Which-50. And the good news for online retailers is, you don’t require big money to set up a robust e-commerce platform and start cashing in on the online retail boom. We specialise in the development of feature-rich, purpose-built e-commerce solutions that are tailored to your exact e-commerce needs.

Here is a list of just some of the features our fully bespoke systems are equipped with:

  • Complete product catalogues
  • Secure checkout systems
  • Merchant account integration
  • Secure payment processing
  • User defined shipping and tax fees
  • Item reviews
  • Discounts & coupon codes
  • Comprehensive SEO integration

And much more.

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