Facebook Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing on Facebook is a very effective way to drive traffic to your site.

Facebook social media marketing campaigns can be specifically designed so that your target audience clicks through to your Facebook Business Page or your Website. The beauty of this is testing, yes testing! Do the users like your Facebook page? Is your site user friendly and conversion optimised correctly? Do one or both engage your audience?

Facebook Marketing Gold Coast

Facebook can be used to drive traffic to your website as well as collecting fans that you can continually market to through your Facebook updates. One thing that most people do not realise is that every time you post an update on your Facebook Business Page, it is not only displayed on your fans timeline but all the users’ friends’ timelines as well, therefore your demographic reach is exponentially inflated. It’s basic leverage, but in a social media environment is a very powerful marketing tool.

Lets put it in simple terms, if you like a product, you will generally tell your friends about it, usually your closest. On Facebook your friends are worldwide, from a range of ages, areas, backgrounds, cultures and interests. Of those “virtual” friends, and lets be honest, not many people have more than 20 good, close friends, how many of them would you go out of your way tell about a particular product you are fond of. Facebook allows you tell your “friends” about anything you are interested in, and therefore has the potential to reach their friends, who “like” and “tell” their friends and so on. Are you seeing the potential now?

When it comes to marketing on Facebook we consider:

  • Catching the viewers’ with attention-grabbing imagery
  • Using imagery that’s suitable for small-format display
  • Rotating fresh, creative ads on a regular basis
  • Building brand awareness over time
  • Combining your Facebook Ads with other sources of online exposure

Then we take advantage of all the things Facebook ads can do that mainstream advertising can’t:

  • Hyper-target your best prospects with pay per click Facebook
  • Use sponsored stories to achieve social proof for your ads
  • Split-test ads, offers, and landing pages
  • Review your ad performance analytics to see what is working and what is not.
  • Narrow your campaign and get high value leads and return on investment.

If you are not Facebook social media marketing, why not? Our Gold Coast team are waiting, Contact our team today and get your product or service found online.