Google Places Optimisation

Put your business on the Map with Google Places optimisation

Do you have a business that relies on local customers, if so, you need Google places optimisation. These search results are triggered when someone makes a location-based search such as “plumber Sydney”, “florist Gold Coast” etc. Google Places results are displayed on the first page with red “push pins” beside them. Very often, Places results are the first thing a prospective customer sees, therefore you get an

Local Places Package


    • One Off Payment 
    • Target 5 Phrases
    • Establish your Google footprint, gaining visibility for local search phrases
    • Best for local competition
    • Keyword & competition analysis
    • Target 5 Phrases
    • Includes Monthly Ranking Reports (2 months)
    • Link building
    • Citations
    • Result reports
    • Google account set up
    • Google + profile setup & linked
    • SEO written description
    • 10 High res industry optimised images (i-stock copyright images)
    • No Setup Fees

Google Places is the modern Yellow pages! Can potential patrons find you on the top?

Do you run a small-scale business, small law firm, optometrist, electrician or plumber that serves up a local geographical market?

Are you on the top of most Google results where new customers can locate you?

If not,  you definitely have landed on the RIGHT company web page for the help!

SEO Web Logistics has been helping companies influence the power of the internet for many years. Before exploring more about our Google Maps Optimisation services, let’s first understand what exactly it is…

A Google Places page is free to set up, but if you are competing against many other businesses in the same industry, you will need to optimise your Google places page in order to appear in the places results. There are hundreds of “plumbers” for example, especially in city/suburban suburbs, but only a maximum of seven of them have a spot on the front page. Are you one of them?

What rankings will I achieve?

Google Places is a long term investment and it is important to recognise that some key phrases will be more competitive than others, so you can't rank for a huge range, just a hand full of industry specific Google approved catagories.

No responsible SEO company can guarantee rankings so don’t be scammed, be sure you do your homework.....Does your SEO company have ranking Google Places listings for their own company and clients? If they offer the service, they need to prove it in "real time".

What else do I need to know?

Not all SEO companies understand Google Places, nor are they equipped to meet the requirements, so do your research first, if your internet marketing company cannot practice what they preach, then maybe it's the wrong company to use.

Google Places is critical for local search optimisation as listings are larger and higher than traditional organic results, as well as targeting your surrounding local market.

Traffic from Places is free. However, with only 7 places available it is imperative to secure your position by employing an expert to optimise and link your places listing correctly.

How can I get my Google Places listing optimised?

SEO Web logistics aim to work with companies and people who are ready to benefit from local marketing with a measurable return on investment. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to give us call and we’ll do our best to guide you through your options and get the results you desire.

Google uses a complex algorithm to decide what pages are most relevant to display in the Google places results. There are thousands of factors involved in getting your listing ranking, some of them are:

  • The quality and quantity of your website’s inbound links. In plain English, it’s the reputation your website has compared to other sites on the Internet.
  • The quality and quantity of your businesses citations. A citation is a mention of your businesses name and physical address on another website or directory, Yellow Pages for example.
  • The number of reviews on your place page. Google is smart enough to pick up fake or spam reviews intended to artificially influence your Google places ranking, so don’t cheat!
  • The quality and quantity of information on your Google places page. Google prefers pages to provide as much useful information as possible, and the listing needs to be 100% complete.
  • Whether or not your images and video links that are placed on your listing are optimised
  • Categories!! If not researched correctly your listing will not rank for your business keywords!

SEO Web Logistics have years of experience in local optimisation and Google Places optimisation. Get found, contact us today.

*Please Note - Some highly competitive industries may require further link building until the listing is ranking @299 p/m excluding gst