Google+ Optimisation

Why should we be concentrating on Google+ optimisation for business

Google+ optimisation and the platform it is built on is not yet as popular as its rivals, but it’s definitely on the rise and should not be ignored, especially if you are in business!gold-coast-seo

The levels of engagement are from time to time shown to be higher than other platforms, not surprising considering who is running the show!! While that isn’t the case across all online demographics, Facebook has the majority rule on many audience segments, Google+ has been especially attractive to more technically informed users, and those users are often very valuable persuaders of other users. google+ optimisation

Attracting these unique users attention on Google+ may be a useful way of increasing your exposure, as those people share on Google+ and their other social networks. This all goes hand in hand with your Google places listing!

What does this mean for business in general? There are a few things that need to be looked into:

  • Create a Google+ account in the same account as your Google Places listing.
  • Create a Google+ profile and create your Google+ for Business listing.
  • +1′s, these are the things you are after from your clientele, these become a ranking factor for your listing

While Google+ is not the SEO savior that it can be occasionally noted to be, it is definitely not a ghost town either. It is a vibrant and growing social network that is embedded deeply into the ecosystem of Google who is the largest search engine, who ultimately are an online advertising company, so ignoring it into the future is going to be less and less viable.

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