Conversion Rate Optimisation

What is conversion rate optimisation and why do i need it

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the art or practice of increasing the amount of online sales and leads on your website, without increasing the amount of web visitors. Sounds easy right?gold-coast-seo

By using a conversion rate optimisation company your web conversion can get more people to take more action without spending more money on marketing. If done properly, your “bounce rate” will decrease and your sales will increase.

conversion-rate-optimisation-australiaA web site has the ability to attract a ton of new online customers, but if the end user, your potential customers cannot navigate your site, or find it boring, clunky, user unfriendly etc, you are losing business…fast!!

For years internet marketing companies have spent time on search engine optimisation which focuses on driving more free traffic to your website, or pay per click (PPC) advertising to buy more visits to your website in the hopes of more sales.

This of course is very important, but in the fickle world of visual media, unless you impress you are losing customers!

The mentality has been for years that once you have web traffic the rest would take care of itself. Unfortunately this is not even close to being true.

Very few marketing companies have not spent anywhere near the time and devotion on conversion rate optimization (CRO) as they have on SEO or other paid traffic methods.

If you want to turn your business around and find the sales you so desperately are looking for, then conversion optimisation is your answer.

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